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Stand Indivisible AZ is a grassroots organization located in Scottsdale AZ. We are affiliated with the national Indivisible organization. We are not affiliated with any political party or candidate for political office. We have progressive values and support initiatives and individuals that share those values. 


Our primary goal in 2023 is to combat misinformation, support voting rights, support civil rights and challenge any government representative or legislation that does not.


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Watch the 5-minute video with Ezra Levin, Co-founder of Indivisible as he explains the importance of the MAGA Default Crisis Week of Action.  CLICK HERE

What is the debt ceiling? It is an arbitrary cap set by Congress that determines how much money the Federal Government can borrow to pay for the programs and projects that Congress approves. The limit is typically raised by a routine vote of Congress, but the GOP has increasingly used brinkmanship and hostage-taking to attempt to extract concessions.


What will happen if Congress lets the U.S. default? Unprecedented economic chaos caused by the GOP refusing to pay their debts. Disruptions, delays, and cuts to programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food assistance, education, clean water, and more.


Bottom line; refusing to raise the debt ceiling would trigger an immediate recession in the economy - which is why Congress has typically just voted to avert this catastrophe. Indivisible calls this effort The MAGA Default Crisis. And the MAGA Default Crisis Week of Action begins on May 19 and runs through May 26.

The timing couldn't be better. Last week, House Republicans passed Kevin McCarthy’s horrific bill, the “Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023.” This is a really bad bill. It’s full of extreme cuts to programs millions of families and communities rely on, not to mention huge tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations, including:


  • Funding cuts to K-12 education, eliminating 108,000 teachers and impacting more than 32 million children

  • Cuts to veterans’ services and medical care

  • Cuts to tax enforcement, making it easier for big corporations and the rich to cheat on their taxes

  • Cuts to clean energy investments, potentially increasing our carbon pollution by as much as 40%

  • A $6 billion cut in taxes and fees for oil companies

  • $100 billion cut from the National Institutes of Health, removing funding from life-saving medical research like a cure for HIV, treatments for cancer, and vaccines for COVID-19


And more. Although this bill isn’t going anywhere (neither the Senate nor President Biden will allow it to move forward), it is being used as a tactic by extremist Republicans to attempt to force Democrats to give in to their extremist demands.


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