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Magnify Your Voice Through
Stand Indivisible AZ 

Funding is crucial to the continuation of our mission. As a local grassroots 501(c)(4) organization, we rely solely on the donations of our members and supporters to enable us to make a difference.

With your support, we will continue to empower Stand Indivisible AZ’s volunteers with the tools they need to mobilize our community. Stand Indivisible AZ, together with more than 5,000 Indivisible groups nationwide, are fighting back to elect progressive leaders and realize all inclusive, bold progressive policies.

Stand Indivisible AZ partners with Act Blue to ensure the privacy and security of your donation. Click the donate button below.

Some Examples of Our Impact

  • Co-sponsored a debate for the Democratic field of primary candidates for Arizona's 6th Congressional District.

  • Participated collaboratively with other local organizations in voter registration drives.

  • Successfully worked with Save Our Schools to defeat Prop 305 to preserve funding for public schools. We hosted small gatherings with "AZ Schools Now" - a coalition of educators, parents, and volunteers - to educate voters on critical action items to assist in getting additional financial resources for public schools.

  • Joined with women in the Women's March, high school students in the March for Our Lives,  educators in the Red for Ed movement and mothers at the Black Mother's Forum Prayer March

  • Publish a weekly Legislature Flash Bulletin for our members during the Arizona State legislative session to provide information on pending bills and detail, through its "Calls to Action", activities that our members can do weekly to register their opinions with state legislators. 

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