Request to Speak (RTS)

What is Request to Speak?

You can use your voice, virtually, to weigh in on legislation in the AZ Legislature. You can use the system to support or oppose legislation and sign-up to speak in a committee.

How do I sign-up for RTS?

The first time you use RTS, you need to sign-up. Fill out this form and we will have someone go to the Capitol building and set up an account for you. We then notify you by email when it is ready.

RTS System Link (once your signed up)

The RTS system can be found HERE 

How do I know what to advocate for once I'm on the RTS site?

We make it easy for you. We publish a Legislative Flash Bulletin every Sunday. Just sign-up HERE. 

Our recommendations are based on the

  • AZ Legislature Weekly Update (CEBV / Iyer Report). Iyer Report link HERE

  • AZ Legislative Alert (UUJAZ/Schneider Report)

  • AZ Capitol Times, and other sources.

What if I get frustrated or stuck?

Four ways to get unstuck.

  • Go HERE for a presentation with step-by-step instructions 


For more locations (Gilbert, Mesa, Uptown Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, etc. go HERE

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