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Updated: Jan 12

Timely topics for your consideration.

This year, 2024, is likely to be the beginning of the most confusing and chaotic period of your lifetime. It is not going to be convenient or comfortable. It will be loaded with opportunity for personal growth if you recognize those opportunities when they present themselves. Regardless, you will be confronted with situations demanding you make decisions that will impact your ego, your relationships and your future. Some situations will be simple and easy, more will be difficult and you will be stressing over the shear volume of situations that arise. Everyone you know will be in the same position. Stress will be rampant. It will quickly become evident that those you know, including family members, may not share your thought process or be in agreement with your decisions. At first this may contribute to discomfort in your relationships. If it continues, you will be observing the dissolution of your relationships until they end.

This is the time when you must take full responsibility for yourself and your actions regardless of the difficulties that responsibility brings. This is the time when you must come to know yourself fully and act from that knowledge. This is the time when you recognize the value of being your authentic self and allocate your time to doing what is right for you and hopefully everyone else. This is the time for soul searching and listening to your inner voice. This is the time for setting example, not letting things slide then accepting the results. Your future is in your hands, best not to leave it to others, or you will have to live with coulda, woulda, shoulda, for the rest of your days.

Consider what I have just put on your plate. How often do you make life changing decisions? How do you make those decisions? Do you make them consciously or are you on auto pilot like “slide and accept”. Do you search for facts? Where do you get your information? How to you evaluate it? How do you know its correct? Who do you trust? Do you involve them when you need to make decisions? How do they answer these questions and do you think they should influence you? We are buried in misinformation, and often don’t have a clue that it actually is misinformation. Misinformation is created by an intentional act with a purpose of influencing how you think and make decisions. Misinformation works for those who create it regardless of whether their intention is for the

good or the bad. Worse, good and bad are relative terms subject to individual circumstances. What’s good for me is not necessarily good for you.

It might be wise for you to do some think’n and plan’n. How are you going to make the life altering decisions that come before you in 2024 and beyond?


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