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Stand Indivisible AZ is an Arizona non-profit corporation designated as a 501(c)(4) organization promoting social welfare. Its officers and members are volunteers and receive no compensation. 100% of its revenues are derived from donations. It is not affiliated with any political party or candidate.


Stand Indivisible AZ was founded in 2017 as Stand Indivisible Scottsdale by Jenni Eisel, to organize those who wished to work together to support democracy and social progress. As the organization grew, the name was changed to better represent the breadth of the organization and its members. The basic purpose of the organization has remained steady, which is taking action to promote the change we seek.


Stand indivisible AZ members share a common set of values which form the basis for our our local, state and national communities and organizations to improve the quality of life for everyone. The organization and its members actively collaborate to advocate for programs, legislation, elected officials and organizational leaders that can bring about change that deploys or strengthens our shared values within communities. Membership is open to all and members select projects and activities that interest them.


Stand Indivisible AZ, being a grass roots organization, provides opportunities for members to define and engage in a broad range of advocacy activities; such as research, public education, voter education and influencing public policy for lasting change. The advocacy activities of the organization change frequently to conform to the changing landscape of our communities and the goals of our members.


Stand Indivisible AZ has voluntarily affiliated the national Indivisible organization. The purpose of this affiliation is to leverage the benefits derived from partnering with a large scale national organization when both organizations have common values. This voluntary relationship enables Stand Indivisible AZ to selectively participate with Indivisible in joint projects. Additionally, it provides use of tools and services created to support affiliated organizations. Frequently, the organization participates in collaborative projects with other Arizona based affiliates of Indivisible to accomplish broader based or state-wide objectives.


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